What ingredients do you use? Is there any corn, soy or wheat?

Our healthy pet treats are lovingly handmade, using only Good Health Certified™ ingredients. That means we follow the strict guidelines set by Health Canadas "Low Risk Veterinary Health Program" We never, ever use any chemicals, additives or preservatives. Each tasty, health-giving morsel is filled with only the freshest local ingredients that aim to keep your beloved pet happy and healthy for life.

Commonly used all-natural ingredients include potato flour, chickpea flour, free range eggs, extra virgin olive oil, wide sockeye salmon, meaty bacon, and medicinal herbs and spices.

Our healthy pet treats are grain free, wheat free and soy free. We do not add sugar or salt.


What is the country of origin of your ingredients?

Our ingredients are the finest one can buy and are carefully sourced from the following countries:

Rice Flour: USA, Potato Flour: USA, Chick Pea Flour: Canada, Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Italy, Greece, Spain or Tanzania, Flax Seeds: Canada, Oats: Canada, Natural Unsweeted Peanut Butter: Canada, Cheddar Cheese: USA, Parmesan Cheese: Italy, Cranberries: USA, Blueberries: USA, Carob: Canada, Parsley: Germany, Free Range Eggs: Canada, Bananas: Guatamala, Pineapple: Thailand, Wild Sockeye Salmon: USA, Turkey: USA, Pumpkin: Canada, Tuna Flakes: Japan, Bacon: USA, Kelp: Korea


Are your treats all made on site?

Every healthy pet treat is handmade in our kitchen. We make thousands of treats, each day.


Is your facility tested for bacteria?

Our kitchen is tested monthly for a range of Pathogens and Bacteria. Since our founding in 1985 we have never failed an inspection. We use an external laboratory to conduct the analysis. (http://www.moldbacteria.com)


Can my puppy eat your treats?

Yes, absolutely. We recommend two treats per day for dogs weighing less than 50 lbs. and four treats per day for dogs weighing more than 50 lbs. Of course always be sure to consult with your veterinarian about your pet’s specific dietary needs or nutritional requirements.


Are your treats human grade?

Yes. Each treat we make and everything we use to make them are good for humans. We give our four-legged family members the same level of nutritional integrity that we give ourselves. And so we don’t use offcuts, leftovers, preservatives, fillers or any other questionable ingredient.


Do you use real protein or flavouring?

We use real protein. Absolutely no flavouring, chemicals or dyes are used in our healthy pet treats. Only Good Health Certified™ ingredients, such as wild sockeye salmon, turkey, cheddar cheese, beef, pumpkin, herbs and spices are used to make our healthy treats for dogs and cats.


Are your treats healthy?

Yes. Not only do we use Good Health CertifiedTM ingredients, our healthy pet treats are high in nutritional value. Our packaging always includes detailed ingredient and nutritional information.


Are your treats single protein?

Yes. We make it easy for you to choose the correct treats for your beloved pet. If your dog loves fish, our wild sockeye salmon will do the trick. If it’s bacon, then our bacon treats are packed with meaty bacon. For dogs with food sensitivities or allergies, single protein treats can help.


Are your treats suitable for diabetic dogs or cats?

Yes. We do not add sugar or salt. Our healthy pet treats are grain free, wheat free and soy free, which helps to ensure a healthy treat for your diabetic dog or cat. We suggest two treats per day for dogs weighing less than 50 lbs. and four treats per day for dogs weighing more than 50 lbs.


Are your dog and cat treats interchangeable?

Yes, our healthy pet treats are interchangeable. Dogs will love the cat treats! Cats on the other hand are a little fussier. We make our cat treats smaller and thinner that the dog treats because cats prefer smaller mouthfuls. If your cat wants to nibble on a dog treat try breaking it in half.


What is the shelf life?

Healthy pet treats can be stored for up to twelve months. Please store in a dark, dry place. We do not use preservatives of any kind, so it’s best to regularly top up your healthy pet treat supply.



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The Granville Island Pet Treatery is family-owned by pet owners who love their dogs and cats.

We support the compassionate, humane and loving treatment of pets by donating our healthy treats to local charities that rescue, protect and improve the lives of animals.


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