How To Tell If Your Dog Is Anxious

How To Tell If Your Dog Is Anxious

Dogs that experience anxiety may display their stress in very different ways. Pet owners may mistake symptoms as their pet simply acting out due to boredom or other reasons. But if these symptoms occur in common anxiety inducing situations, like during a thunderstorm or when you leave the house, it can mean that you dog is stressed.

  • Some dogs want to be alone when they are experiencing anxiety.
  • They may hide out of fearOther dogs will seek more attention or affection. They may cuddle close or require more petting.
  • Dogs that shake or pant, may be experiencing anxiety. Panting after exercise is normal, panting during a thunderstorm is not.
  • Anxious dogs may compulsively lick or chew at their fur.
  • One of the most obvious signs of anxiety is excessive barking. If a dog starts to bark and cannot easily be calmed, they may be feeling anxiety.
  • Anxious dogs may become suddenly aggressive, even to their pet parent.
  • Dogs that feel trapped or enclosed may start digging or running. Enclosing dogs may worsen their anxiety in these situations.
  • Anxious dogs sometimes get super energetic and appear hyperactive.
  • House-trained dogs may suddenly defecate indoors when they are stressed
  • Anxious dogs may chew on furniture or other objects that they normally would not destroy

The mental and physical stress that dogs endure while suffering from anxiety is also taxing, and should not go untreated. Please see your vet for extreme anxiety.

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