5 Signs Your Dog Has Allergies

5 Signs Your Dog Has Allergies

Dog allergies mimic human allergies, as do many of the symptoms (paw licking excluded). But if you’re immune from allergies, will you know how to recognize them in your pet? Here are the most common symptoms:

  1. Red, watery eyes – look out for your pet rubbing their faces on carpeting, bedding or furniture as well as scratching and pawing at their eyes.
  2. Itching - excessive scratching, hair loss, crusts or scabs, red skin or irritation.
  3. Paw licking - If you notice that your dog’s paws have a brownish tint to the hair, it may be a sign that they are licking their paws a lot.
  4. Ear infections - pet is shaking his head a lot, scratching at his ears or is holding one ear up or down in an unusual way, he may have an ear infection
  5. Sneezing - Irritation in the sinuses can cause what is called a “reverse sneeze” that tends to happen more during allergy season. Typically, these sneezing fits are harmless but they can be a nuisance to both pets and their owners.

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Dogs need exercise, on a daily basis.

Sometimes creepy. Often funny. So why do dogs howl? A throwback to when they were wolves? Yes, naturally.

#1. Live a lean life. Obesity is the No1 health risk for dogs, and can play a significant role in shortening your pet’s life.

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